The German law on packaging has been in force since 1 January 2019. Germany has been one of the forerunners of recycling in packaging by passing this law which affects ANYONE who ships to Germany, even via ecommerce.

Who is it for
Any company in the world that ships items to Germany is subject to registration on the LUCID portal of the Central Office (Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister), must join the dual system and pay a fee based on the weight of the packaging used for the shipping within Germany during one calendar year. Registration for a dual system requires the signing of a contract with a German dual company that deals with the recovery and disposal of packaging in the area.

Failure to register with LUCID and a collection system is punishable by severe fines (up to 200,000 euros) and a ban on marketing throughout Germany.

Annual quantities
Each year you pay for the expected annual amount, you can increase this annual amount by August 18 of each year

Registration via XDM.IT
We have an agreement with a leading German company that adheres to the LUCID dual system, with the lowest prices on the market. We can register for you on the LUCID portal and at the recycling company at a one-time flat rate of EUR 100.00
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Using our system, at the beginning of each month you will receive together with the order summary also a summary of the amount of packaging used in the previous month for shipments to German customers. In this way you can always have under control whether the amount purchased for the year in costs is sufficient to cover all yearly shipments.